The silver exhibition of Vivianna Bulow-Hube attracted more than 3000 visitors

Gunnar Jonsson met Vivianna Bulow-Hube at the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta in the mid eighties. He had a conversation in the Town Hall with her youngest daughter Marcia Coleman, who is always proud to wear jewellery designed by her mother.


The exhibition has been open since August 26 in Tranås Town Hall. It is not often that we have a first rate international exhibition in our town. Therefore it has been a pleasure to welcome so many foreign visitors. We are pleased to announce that during next year’s Konstraka we will most probably have a large exhibition commemorating Herman Norman’s works. Planning for a successful exhibition next year is already being undertaken by the cultural chief Lasse Dahlstrand.

On Sunday September 11th Marcia Coleman came to the Town Hall to collect the beautiful exhibits after the exhibition closed, which had been seen by more than 3000 visitors. The newspaper Tranås-Posten then had a long conversation with her. The exhibition was insured for two million Swedish Crowns.
Marcia, who lived with her mother and her brother in Jakarta, remembered her summer months in Romanö, especially the summer 1971 when Vivianna was hospitalised. Marcia stayed more than two months at beautiful Romanö.
Marcia has long since lived in Copenhagen and is now working with her mother’s cultural inheritance, investigating and planning for future big exhibitions. In December 2002, due to her illness, Vivianna moved from Indonesia to live with her daughter Marcia. She died in the summer of 2004.

Received new inspiration within SUBUD
In 1965 Vivianna was divorced from her husband, Walter Coleman. It was during this time she became involved with the Brotherhood SUBUD. Her international career became successful when she won the Lunning award in 1967. Simultaneously she started her collaboration with the silversmith Georg Jensen. Thereafter followed a train of successes.
Also in 1967 she took the SUBUD name Vivianna and moved to Wolfsburg in Germany, which had a large congregation of the spiritual movement. The name Torun was already an established trade mark and being used in commercial work etc. This was a creative period when she also worked together with a group of artists from the nearby castle of Wendhausen.
The spiritual bearing of SUBUD is to relax and, without any form of concentration, receive a sort of vital force a couple of times a week. Or as Vivianna described it, “a fine vibration added to a supply of guidance from your own inert quality”.

The pointing inwards spiral movement
Being a technical person, I cannot refrain from the following connection; beyond the endless möbius strip (twisted cylinder) Vivianna wanted to show, in much of her jewellery, how everything in the universe is dancing in whirls. This is demonstrated in the new physics as String Theory. The inwardly spiralling movements are manifest in much of her beautiful silverwork. These cycloid outer space movements are characteristic of the whole universe.
The Austrian forester Victor Scauberger had already begun, during the 1930s, a trial test to transfer this universal power in practical innovation. Among other things he designed the so called Forell turbine and he was also successful as a log-floater from the inaccessible forests in the Alps with assistance of these forces. If you are interested, you can read the Swedish book “Det levande vattnet” by Olof Aleksandersson.

A meeting on The Swedish Embassy in Jakarta
During 1978 Vivianna moved to Cilandak, situated in the southern part of Jakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia. Here she started a silversmith workshop where even young talented and creative Indonesians were employed. Some 25% of the profit was used to help the Brotherhood’s social outreach programme. Later on she moved her activities to the small beautiful lake called Pamulang
During her years in Indonesia, Vivianna created many new objects. She even designed a number of jewellery series in silver and also in gold from the deposits in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. Her career as a word-famous silversmith came to fulfilment during this time resulting in a lot of international exhibitions, many of them in the capitals of the Far East.
Vivianna was always happy to meet someone from Tranås. The oldest brother of Sven “Klyvarn” Gunnar Jonsson was, during the 1980s, the local manager for ASEA Indonesia in Jakarta. He was then invited by the Swedish Embassy to view her exhibition at the embassy. They discussed memories of Tranås and Lake Sommen, particularly the area around her beloved Romanö.

The year 1980 I met Vivianna for the first time in Stockholm when she visited her SUBUD friends in Sweden. We discovered that we both had connections with Tranås and Lake Sommen. Her many pleasant summers at Romanö were always in her memory. It was like a foundation of her being. Now she is dead and buried in the cemetery of Blåvik, not far from her beloved Romanö.

Text and photo: Bevan Berthelsen

Vivianna wanted to show, in much of her jewellery, how everything in the universe is dancing in whirls. This is demonstrated in the new physics as String Theory. The inwardly spiralling movements are manifest in much of her beautiful silverwork.


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