Frinnaryd in the north of Småland

Why not go paddling a canoe in Svartån

Frinnaryd is the small community with big advantages! Frinnaryd is a perfect place for living and ideal for commutating to Tranås, Eksjö, Nässjö and Jönköping.

Frinnaryd is situated in Aneby kommun 17 km south of Tranås and 14 km north of Aneby. The distance from Frinnaryd to Eksjö is 39 km and to Jönköping 52 km. Frinnaryd is located in Aneby community

People enjoy living in Frinnaryd. It’s peaceful and quiet. The surroundings are beautiful and you can enjoy many sporting activities. Hiking tracks are available all year round and are lit at night. There is plenty of fish i the surrounding lakes and you will find berries and mushrooms at walking distance. Or why not go paddling a canoe in Svartån – the only river going north in Sweden.

Attraktive prices on the housing market encovrage people to move to Frinnaryd. A house will cost you SEK 300,000 kr at most, which is less than half the price in the nearby cities. Does it sound too good to be true? Check out this page. Renting a council flat is also a possibility in Frinnaryd.

Out in the forest far from civilization, I foud this “public toilet”. With toiletpaper and everything. That is what I call service! Photo ©: Bevan Berthelsen

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